Warm Words

Co-creative Coaching

“I felt so listened to and unjudged, given so much space for my heart. Jenn truly engages and listens to not only what I am saying, but listens to my body language, breathing and reads so well my reactions to her questions. I will carry on what I have learned about myself and hope to use some of the ways that you listened and asked questions with others in my life too.”      - Sarah

. . . 

“You are excellent at always bringing it back to me, the client, as I self-direct my path. I really feel supported as you serve as a partner with me… listening for themes and how they relate back to my goals. I love your communication style and presence!  It is a perfect balance of processing through my current situation and moving forward with your gentleness and support. Even over the phone, I felt like you were walking through my situation with me.”             - CH, Career Counsellor, MA Career Development

. . . 

"You invited me to imagine, in concrete ways, what it would be like to operate without my current hindrances - something I had not previously considered. Now that my first week at my new job is over, I am even more grateful for your coaching”           - Sam, Labour Lawyer 

. . .

“Very down to earth, inspirational, open, friendly, to the point. I appreciated the diversity of questions, multiple strategies for inviting reflection from me and the dynamic, positive set up.”         - Steve 

. . .

“Coaching with Jenn is enlightening, uplifting and gratifying. 

I leave each session elated with new knowledge about myself.”       – Melonie

Facilitation & Process Design

"Jenn is a skillful facilitator who brought a mindful and thoughtful approach to our staff training day. She effectively worked with the leadership team to design a session that met our needs. Jenn used a variety of techniques to ground the learning in the expertise and experiences of the team. Thanks for a great session!                                                        - Emily Palmer, Director of Community Programs                                   

. . .

 “Jenn has a wonderful ability to work with a facilitation team and produce results. She is a fantastic addition to any team, and an excellent facilitator and graphic recorder. I am looking forward to working on upcoming projects with her. She brings great energy, enthusiasm, and a sincere desire to affect positive change.”                                    - Gerhard Maynard, Principal, Maynard Consulting

. . .

 "I was thrilled to see Jenn's facilitation skills in action.  I was conducting a needs assessment for a group of older adults, and Jenn was brought on to facilitate two in-person dialogues for this purpose.  She was a wonderful facilitator – engaging, warm, and insightful. Jenn encouraged dialogue and created an environment that was open, positive and safe.  This resulted in us getting a clear picture of the seniors’ needs, and a greater sense of community among those who attended. In the end, sharing the dialogue findings with potential funders was a crucial element in securing funds for vulnerable seniors in our community!"                                 - Vinyse Barber, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

. . .

 "Jenn did a great life-coaching workshop for a group of newcomers to Canada who were having challenges determining which of their many critical life priorities they should focus on as they settle into a new life here. She did some fun and engaging activities to get people thinking about what they value the most in their lives. She has an easy manner about her that people respond to. Class participants said they found the workshop with Jenn enjoyable and worthwhile as it gave them an opportunity to reflect on what was important to them and plan specific steps they would take in the short term and the long term to build in more of  what they most valued and wanted in their lives."

- Liz Chase, Coordinator, Welcoming Neighbours Program

. . .

 “Jenn is so high calibre in her guidance, skills & direction – I really got a lot out of it. This was a very team building, educational and empowering process. Fantastic, thank you.” 

 – Participant, Seniors Peer Support Visioning  

Ritual & Celebration

"Everything was perfect. We appreciated the time and care that you took to ensure our vision was reflected in the type of wedding ceremony we wanted, to the energy we wished to create, to the level of inclusion of our guests.  Feedback from you was frequent and never overwhelming, and we always felt in the loop and that you had things under control. Thanks again for everything!"            - Timothy & Chris

. . .

"You really listened to us and captured the heart of who we are for our wedding ceremony. You instilled confidence right from the beginning, were a great listener, helped us to articulate and create what we intuitively knew we wanted, and never imposed your ideas on us. By keeping in touch regularly and starting the process early, we felt confident and at ease with the development of the script and how the ceremony would unfold. During the ceremony we appreciated that you were very well prepared, calm and relaxed in the moment, spoke clearly with a good pace, and set the right tone to bring the guests along with us .

You are a superb writer - creating all sorts of moments for reflection, laughter, depth, sadness and hope - and your delivery was rock solid. Thank you!"            - Rachel & Robin

. . .


"Thanks for everything you did to make our son's wedding celebration a beautiful and meaningful event!

We couldn't have asked for a better person to help guide the whole process and create a ceremony that incorporated all of their ideas and wishes. There was nervous excitement, but we could tell that they trusted you and felt very comfortable with you there beside them. We heard so many positive comments from our guests about the feeling in the room, and how happy they were all to be there to witness their vows. Many special memories were created that day!  I am so glad we found you!"

-Barb, Mother of the Groom

. . .

"We had the deep honour and pleasure of having Jenn host a 'Mothers Blessing Circle' for my eldest daughter. From the first moment of planning, the event flowed effortlessly and guests and 'honoured mama' all remarked how touched and impacted they were at a level not expected nor anticipated yet joyfully appreciated. Jenn's calm heart-centred presence  beautifully wraps the skill and knowledge base which anchor her work, creating a masterful facilitator and host. I highly recommend Jenn's work and can't wait to 'play' with her again."             - Zoey RyanLife Coach & Grandma 

Visual recording

"Jenn's tremendous creative energy shone through as she transformed our participants' ideas and dialogue into a delightful illustration of "The Journey to Intergenerational Engagement". She impressed us with her professionalism and enthusiasm for our project, and with her ability to capture the day's key themes in an art piece created before our very eyes. Even beyond the event, we found it incredibly helpful to use her graphics to help communicate our project in reports with funders and stakeholders." 

 - Coordinator, UBC Intergenerational Symposium 

. . .

"Your work brought an increased level of credibility to the session and contributed an element beyond just talking. It was immediately engaging as we looked busy and ready to listen to those attending.  As you were actively recording it demonstrated that we were taking what people had to say seriously.  The graphic is timeless really and captures your attention with the colours used -it is great the colours compliment our Society's logo.  What I really like is that it makes it easy to write the follow up report. Your flexibility and willingness to work with us was great.  A very positive experience and very professional."

 - Ruth Simons, Director, Sea-to-Sky Clean Air Society  

. . .

"Jenn's graphic recording enhanced the session by creating a live visual of the conversation that participants could observe and interact with. It was a great tool for doing a recap and collecting all the major themes and ideas in the room. Jenn was amazing to work with too! She is incredibly flexible and proficient in what is and is not possible given the plan for the event and works within that. She is a great listener and synthesizer able to capture the event on the wall." 

- Zsuzsi Fodor, Westside Food Security Coordinator

. . .

"Fun, unique and creative. I loved it! It was inspiring to see our discussion in visual. Very artistic and a great reminder tool to keep it fresh in our minds. It brought energy and life to the event."

 - Participant, SFU Health Services Staff Development

. . .

"Having Jenn provide graphic recording for us greatly enhanced our session. For facilitators, it was nice to see themes captured visually and have verification of their discussions. For participants, I could see and sense a great deal of interest in how the information was captured and laid out. The way Jenn reported out was fantastic as she summarized the main points and themes without repeating what facilitators had said, and deepened participant understanding by explaining her process and the visual guide she had created. Jenn was fabulous to work with. I really appreciated her quick grasp of the questions, the content and the needs of this group. She chose an image that really fit with the participants work and their mindset and captured key concepts and themes in a way they could understand.  Thanks again and I"ll definitely let my colleagues know about the option of working with you!" 

 - Stephanie Innes, Organizational Development Practitioner, City of Vancouver 

“What lies behind us and what lies before us,     are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” 

– Oliver Wendall Holmes