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Mayne Moms Support Group

Starting Summer 2021!

"Hearing stories of others leads to a feeling of connection and belonging, not only when we are together, but in life. If someone else is experiencing X and I’m experiencing it too, then it must be ok. I must be ok. I WILL BE ok.”

~ Moms Group Member


I look forward to facilitating this biweekly Moms Support Group offered through the Mayne Island Early Childhood Society. As an experienced circle facilitator and Mayne mama-of-two. I have founded and hosted a range of mothers groups over the past 8 years, building on my professional background in child & youth care, community development, ceremony and facilitation. Currently I am training as a Postpartum Doula.

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Building Authentic Community

through Gathering in Circle

Surrey Skill Share Fair, Surrey Nature Centre


This experiential session explores the gifts of gathering authentically in community and will be hosted using a circle format and provide an overview of the key components of circle based dialogue.

'Remembering Our Past; Imagining Our Future' is a series of community conversations exploring topics of social concern and marking the 100th anniversary of Alexandra Neighbourhood House 


Local Action on Climate Change: Something In The Air

We will come together to hear from panellists, emergent themes will be identified, and use small group dialogue to discuss ways and means that we in the community can make a positive difference. Facilitated by Threshold Arts.


There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about

- Margaret Wheatley

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