About Jenn

Nice to meet you!  

My name is Jenn and I am passionate about supporting you in times of transformation


My approach is based in the belief that authentic presence and courageous relationships are vehicles for transformation - relationships with ourselves, each other and the living world.


In all my work, I draw on the power of story to connect and inspire, the holding of sacred space for deep speaking and listening, and the invitation to show up exactly as you are -

to be truly seen, heard and known. 


Bringing 20 years experience in diverse supportive leadership roles, I offer rich skills in hosting dialogue, catalyzing transformational change through participatory approaches, exploring through expressive arts, and integrating nature connection and mindfulness practices. We expand our sense of what is possible through creative, collaborative and intentional exploration.


As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant and ordained Reverend of Metaphysics, I perform a range of creative, inclusive and spiritual ceremony services including legal marriage. Ceremony and ritual grounds our culture and evolution as a species and yet the importance of marking life's celebrations, changes and losses is often forgotten. We long to remember- to live into the story of our lives as it is unfolding. To make meaning together. To gather and honour the rites of passages of our collective lives. Ceremony and ritual have been key aspects of my life from a young age and I now carry that forward in my family in big and small ways.


As a Mama, I have come to know how powerful, intense, challenging and transformative the transition to Motherhood can be. Having been given the advice early on to "find my tribe" I took that advice to heart, and have been working to build Motherhood community wherever I find myself since. My children are now 5 and 8 and I am grateful to be able to support Mothers on their path of becoming, through supportive presence, a compassionate ear, and knowledgeable guidance. I bring experience as a home and hospital birther, NICU survivor, extended-term breast feeder, mother of a high needs baby, and offer broad resource information to support your journey.


As a budding herbalist, my relationship with the living world is always growing. Having long been curious about natural healing, it has been our home on rural Mayne Island and living the pandemic that has deeply rooted a greater desire to learn about and honour the natural world. Having studied The Work That Reconnects, Herbal Medicine and Permaculture, as well as living in contact with the green world in the most direct way of my life, has changed me irrevocably. My own healing journey from the depletion of early years mothering has been vastly shaped by my relationship with wise plant teachers. I seek to share this felt sense of connection, reverence and loving care through herbal teas, remedies and workshops.


I am grateful to dwell with my family upon the traditional unceded territories of the W̱JOȽEȽP (Tsartlip) & W̱SÁNEĆ (Saanich) nations in the Salish Sea, on what is known as Mayne Island, BC, Canada. I work in homes, gathering places, retreat centers and sacred spaces, and travel as needed.

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Education & Professional Development

My fascination with group process, expressive arts, ceremony & transformative change have woven through my life in many ways.  Currently, I am devoted to mother care and plant medicine.

  • Circle Way Practicum & Advanced Circle Way Practicum, PeerSpirit
  • Fundamentals of Interactive Visuals, Shift-It

For more information about my background and experience, please visit my LinkedIn Profile

And A Short Story That Says A Lot

One morning when I was about 3 years old  I decided to put my socks on over top of my shoes. The imagined purpose of this exercise? To decide for myself whether "the way things are done" (in this case, socks typically go inside shoes) actually applied to me. After a full day of wearing my socks on the outside of my shoes, I concluded (on my own terms) that I did agree with the whole "socks inside your shoes" thing my Mom kept telling me about.


This is a foundational story of my personality in my family. This story reminds us how our inner voice is often persistent in its call to deep exploration, tenacious curiosity, and direct discovery. Sometimes it can be frustrating, disorienting, or feel like a detour, but ultimately it leads us to the learning and growth we are eager to expand into.


As we unfold into this new story for ourselves and our world, our ability to release "the way things are done" - leaving space for exploration, reflection, imagination - can help guide us to new ways of being.

A Note About The Logo

Threshold Arts lives in the in-between spaces, so the logo does too.

Using the full spectrum of colours and representing community, diversity, nature,

and sacredness, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.