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 "When one tugs at a single thing in nature,

they find it attached to the rest of the world"    

~ John Muir


We are all connected. 

Never more has this statement made sense down to our very bones. Transformation is calling and the road ahead is uncertain. The more we can be in relationship to ourselves, each other and the natural world,

the more our energy deepens and grows.


Who Are You Becoming?

Ceremony, Celebration & Ritual

Honour life's commitments, rites of passage, and turning points with meaning and reverence

Community Resilience Building

Come together with purpose, meaning and intention to create the world we want to live in.

Mother Care, Postpartum Support & Nourishing Herbals

Navigate, nourish and feel connected on your motherhood journey

Herbal Remedies, Hand-Blended Teas & Wild Foraged Delights

Deepen your healing and connection with the natural world, through the wise medicine of plants

You Are

An 'Against-the-Streamer'- Leaving behind familiar stories and carving a unique path

A Change Maker - Seeking to heal, nurture and catalyze regenerative change

A Courageous Mama - Nourishing family life in the midst of great change and uncertainty

An Intentional Couple - Building your partnership and a foundation of shared purpose

A Soul Seeker - Marking life's moments with ritual, intentional space and deep connection

“Start anywhere, follow it everywhere.”

Margaret Wheatley ~

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