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Who are you becoming?


"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, they find it attached to the rest of the world"    ~ John Muir


We need each other. Never more has this statement made sense down to our very bones. This precious earth and all its beings are ONE.


Transformation is calling and the road ahead is uncertain. The more we can be talking to each other, sharing our questions, our insights, our grief and our capacity, the more our energy deepens and grows.


As a dialogue host and facilitator my aim is to engage individuals, groups and communities in the dynamic process of reflection, collaboration and co-creation- allowing focused time and space to uncover and nurture potential for the new stories our planet requires.



You believe another way is possible.

You are...

A Change Maker - Seeking, craving and working to catalyze regenerative change

An Against-the-Streamer - Leaving behind familiar stories and carving a unique path

An Intentional Couple - Choosing a life partner and creating a foundation of shared purpose

A Courageous Family - Nourishing family life in the midst of great change and uncertainty

A Soul Seeker - Marking life's moments with ritual, intentional space and deep connection

You are Seeking Support In

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“Start anywhere, follow it everywhere.” 

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